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Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club

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On January 23, 2020 the Southbury Board of Selectmen unanimously approved a resolution authorizing him to execute an Option to Purchase Agreement between the Town of Southbury and the owners of the Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club (“Edgewood”). Per the agreement, the Town will pay a $3,000 non-refundable fee to the owners of Edgewood to secure an option to purchase their entire facility, including land and equipment, for a price of $2,000,000. The town has until July 31, 2020, to exercise this option. Final approval of the acquisition would be subject to a Town Meeting or Referendum.

On February 3rd, the First Selectman, Jeff Manville, appointed an ad hoc task force to study the Edgewood property and make a recommendation as to whether the Town should purchase the property. This Task Force has done a lot of work and is now ready to present its findings to the Town:

  1. Pool Task Force: Edgewood Purchase Option FAQ
  2. National Property Inspections: Edgewood Property Inspection Report
  3. National Property Inspections: Follow up Letter
  4. Bennett Sullivan Associates: Overview of Probable Estimated Costs for Ballantine Park Pool and Pool House
  5. Bennett Sullivan Associates: Overview of Probable Estimated Costs for Ballantine Park Pool and Pool House-Cost Breakdown
  6. Weston & Sampson: Ballantine Park Pool Facility Evaluation Report
  7. Weston & Sampson: Draft Ballantine Pool Cost Summary
  8. Pool Task Force: Pool Size and Cost Comparison
  9. Board of Finance: Financial Impact
  10. Pool Task Force: April 1, 2020 Presentation
  11. Pool Task Force: April 6 Questions and Answers
  12. Pool Task Force: April 6, 2020 Presentation
  13. Michael Ganem: Email from the Southbury Parks and Rec Director
  14. Maria Papiro: Email from the Ballantine Pool Director
  15. Lucy Suter: Email from the Panther Aquatic Club Head Swim Coach
  16. Kevin Bielmeier: Memo from the Southbury Economic Development Director
  17. Pool Task Force: April 13 Questions and Answers
  18. Pool Task Force: April 13, 2020 Presentation
  19. John Montelone: Email from Strategic Plan Commission
  20. Pool Task Force: Recommendation Report
  21. Pool Task Force: Recommendation Report Addendum 
  22. Aquatectonic: Ballantine Pool Replacement Concept Cost Estimate 
  23. Aquatectonic: Firm Profile 
  24. Bennett Sullivan Associates: Probable Estimated Timeline of Ballantine Pool Construction Work Schedule 
  25. Pool Task Force: Classification of Edgewood Responses as of April 20, 2020 
  26. Pool Task Force: Compiled Questions and Comments Submitted About the Project 
  27. Pool Task Force: ADA Grant Letter 
  28. Pool Task Force: Grant Money Unavailable To Defray Cost Of Potential Ballantine Pool Project
  29. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection: Edgewood Pool Complaint Report
  30. Pool Task Force: Profit and Loss Projection Press Release
  31. Pool Task Force: Profit and Loss Projection
  32. Pool Task Force: Edgewood Management Proposal-Draft
  33. TLB Architecture: Inspection Report
  34. National Property Inspections: Edgewood Reinspection Report
  35. Pool Task Force: Task Force Receives Pool Inspection Report And Building Re-Inspection Report
  36. Pool Task Force: Board Of Finance Chair Offers Opinion On Using Bid Process To Obtain Estimates For Potential Ballantine Pool Replacement
  37. John Michaels, Chairman of the Southbury Board of Finance: Bidding and Budget Historical Practices Town of Southbury
  38. Pool Task Force: Report on the Status of the Town of Southbury’s Option to Purchase Edgewood Bath & Tennis Club
  39. Pool Task Force: Compiled Answers to Some of the Questions Submitted by Residents

The Town held three virtual Informational Meetings to allow the Task Force to present information and to gather feedback.

On April 16, the Ad Hoc Task Force formally recommended the purchase of Edgewood to the Board of Selectmen. The acquisition has since been endorsed by the Board of Finance, the Strategic Plan Commission, the Planning Commission, and the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club held Open House for the General Public on June 12-14. Click here for more info.

Southbury Board of Selectmen scheduled a Referendum to vote on exercising the option to purchase Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club which will take place on Thursday, July 16, 2020 from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Center Fire House, Main Street South.

Southbury Board of Selectmen delayed the Referendum on the option to purchase Edgewood Bath and Tennis Club Town to complete due diligence with regard to the transaction.

If you have a question or a comment, please fill out the form below. All comments and questions submitted, along with name and address of the citizen who submits them, will be posted in a feedback document on this page as part of the public record of the meeting.

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