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Rural Preservation Advisory Committee

Committee Members

Gary Gollenberg (Conservation Commission) Chairman
Jeffrey Manville (Board of Selectmen) Member
John Michaels (Board of Finance) Member
Robert Harrison (Planning Commission) Member
Thaddeus Burr (Inland Wetlands Commission) Member
Gary Giroux (Zoning Commission) Member
Tim O'Neil (Parks and Recreation Commission) Member
Michael Mattera (Southbury Land Trust) Member
Ben Platt (Farming Representative) Member
Vivian Templeton (Citizen at Large) Member
Vacancy (Citizen at Large) Member

Mission/General Information

The Rural Preservation Advisory Committee (RPAC) is responsible for advising the Board of Selectmen and the other boards and commissions of the Town regarding issues concerning open space and the rural character of the Town. RPAC has developed an inventory of larger undeveloped parcels and evaluated them on ten specific criteria that are indicative of their desirability for being protected as open space. The Committee members are appointed by the Board of Selectmen from the land use commissions and the residents at large. The membership includes a representative of the Board of Selectmen. RPAC meets as necessary throughout the year.

RPAC was recently included in the Town Charter and is in the process of updating its membership, revising its inventory and considering its ongoing role in the current environment. RPAC may be reached through the: Land Use office at 203-262-0634.

The Rural Preservation Advisory Committee meets as needed. Please check calendar for current schedule.

Minutes and Agendas

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