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Tax Collector

501 Main Street South
(Room 204)

Southbury, CT 06488
Maps and Directions
P:(203) 262-0654
F:(203) 264-9762
Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Fri: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Real Estate - Frequently Asked Questions

I have a mortgage company pay my real estate taxes, why did I receive my real estate tax bill?

Each mortgage lender requests the tax bill that they are interested in paying each year. This would indicate that we did not get a request from your bank in writing for your bill. Please contact your mortgage holder and get the exact address (and possibly person’s name) that this should be sent to and forward the bill to them for payment.

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I have paid my mortgage off. How do I get a tax bill?

You need to inform the tax office in writing that you are no longer escrowing your taxes and are now personally responsible for paying the taxes. You can use the Tax Bill Request form.

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What period of time does my real estate tax bill cover?

Real estate tax bills are based on the value as of October 1st each year. They become due July 1st of the following year. Bills over $100 are divided into 2 installments. The 1st installment of July 1st covers the period July 1 through December 31. The 2nd installment of January 1st covers the period January 1 through June 30.

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I'm selling my property, what do I owe?

When a property is sold/closed in November, the seller owes from July 1 to closing date and the buyer owes from the closing date through December plus the full amount due January 1. We do not get involved in adjusting taxes; this is all done through the closing attorneys.

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What if I am delinquent on my real estate taxes?

On May 1st of each year, real estate liens are filed in the town clerk’s office against all properties on which there is any delinquent real estate tax. A notice of intent to lien is sent to the delinquent taxpayer at least 15 days prior to the filing of these liens. There is a $24.00 lien fee charged regardless of the delinquent amount due. All interest, taxes & fees must be paid before the lien can be released.

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What is the assessment of my property?

This is an Assessor's Office question.

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How can tax payments be made?

Please visit Paying Taxes page for details.

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Can I get a reminder to pay my January installment?

The Tax Collector's Office sends out a reminder of second installment's payment being due in January. If you'd like to subscribe for such emails, please go to e-Alert Signup page, enter your e-mail address and check the Tax Department box. The town is not responsible if you do not receive your e-mail notice.

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