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Board of Assessment Appeals

Board Members

Dennis J. Dwyer Chair
Gabby Addison Member
Marian Van Egas Member
Diane Barros Alternate
Vacancy Alternate

Mission/General Information

What Actions the Board Can Take

The Board of Assessment Appeals is governed by Connecticut State Statutes. Our powers are limited in scope. Unfortunately, the comment of "my taxes are too high" is not an argument we can legally respond to. Taxes are determined by multiplying the property assessment by the mill rate. The mill rate is set by the Board of Finance; we may only address issues concerning value. Real estate valuations are based on values at the time of the last revaluation (2022), not on current market conditions.

Listed below are the types of issues the Board can address, as well as some tips for presenting your case to the Board:

1.  Error in information

Obtain a copy of your field card at the Assessor's Office in Town Hall or online in the Assessor's database. Review the field card, and if there are errors, you should notify the Board at your hearing.

2.  Loss in Value due to some defect

Has your property deteriorated or been damaged? Does your property have some negative flaw due to a structural, environmental or topographical condition? Describe in detail such flaws and considering bringing photos to assist you with your hearing.

3.  Differences in comparative values of similar properties

Be advised that the value of your property is based on land size as well as type and size of any buildings and their condition. This information is compared to similar types of property.

When comparing your property to other properties, make sure they are similar in age, style, size, quality, and neighborhood.

Try to find more than one comparison. This will reinforce your case. However, be advised that the Board has the right to increase the assessment of any property it deems undervalued based on the information presented to it.

To assist you, information about property descriptions, assessments and sales can be found in the Assessor's database.

Motor Vehicle Values

You will be required to provide your vehicle's mileage, as of the previous October 1st, if you are claiming high mileage.

Supply photos of any claims of damage due to an accident or excessive wear and tear. Feel free to present any other information that you feel supports your case.

Please be aware that vehicle values are based on JD Power only, unless it is a unique vehicle. Other reference materials such as the Kelley Blue Book are not used. Current purchase receipts may also be helpful.

How to File An Appeal

Click to view A Guide to the Assessment Appeals Process.

All written appeal applications must be received at the Assessor's office by February 20th. It is, therefore, recommended that you mail your appeal a week prior to the due date or hand deliver on or before February 20th. Applications can also be dropped off in a drop box located on the side of the Town Hall (accessed from the upper parking lot and located on the left side of the building). 

Only the legal owner of property or his/her authorized representative may be heard at the hearing. No representative, including a non-owner spouse or attorney, will be heard, unless a letter to designate him/her as an authorized represented is presented.

A Durable Power of Attorney will be accepted; the Board will retain a copy of the document as part of their file.

This Board meets in March and September; however, the September meeting is for Motor Vehicles only. Please check calendar for current schedule.

Minutes & Agendas

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