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Energy Task Force

Regular Meeting Schedule for 2022

7:00 PM, Room 208

Please check calendar for possible date, time and room location changes.

January 18 February 15 March 15
April 15 May 17 June 21
July 19 August 16 September 20
October 18 November 15 December 20

Commission Members

Chuck Litty Chair
Ashley Carter Member
Tom Connor Member
Gregory Kuehn Member
Jonathan Seaman Member
David Solaz Member
James Templeton Member

Mission/General Information

The Energy Task Force shall serve in an advisory only capacity, advising the Board of Selectmen, and such other commissions, departments, and offices as the Board of Selectmen may require, as to the implementation of energy conservation projects, renewable energy projects, and other such projects as needed.

As an advisory only body, the Energy Task Force shall have no authority to directly implement energy projects and shall not and is not meant to replace the duties and responsibilities of any other Town commission, department, or office.

Powers and Duties: The mission of the Energy Task Force is to:

  • Help the Town and the Town's residents and businesses to reduce energy consumption and make better use of renewable energy.
  • Assist with town assessment and monitoring of Town energy consumption.
  • Provide research and analysis of energy-related alternatives.
  • Assist with creation and maintenance of town energy guidelines.
  • Assist with the implementation of energy-related projects.
  • Help the Town win and manage energy-related financial incentives.
  • Provides oversight of independent energy-related assessments.

The Energy Task Force may mentor youth candidates and help promote energy conservation and renewable energy as is needed to further their mission.

Minutes & Agendas

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