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South Britain Historic District Commission

Approval Process

An application for a Certificate of Appropriateness may be obtained at the office of the Building Inspector, Southbury Town Hall, third floor or may be printed from this website. (Click to print the Application for a Certificate of Appropriateness.)

The completed application must be returned to an officer of the Commission.  The application should, as applicable, be accompanied by a site plan and drawings showing the nature of the work to be performed as well as by a list of the materials to be used.

The Commission, at its next scheduled meeting, will accept the application, and schedule a public hearing. They will then advertise the hearing by a legal notice in a local paper, and mail a copy of the notice to the applicant and to owners of abutting property.

At a Commission meeting following the public hearing, the Commission will vote to approve or deny the application. 

The Commission must approve or deny an application within sixty-five days after the date the application is accepted by the Commission.

A Certificate of Appropriateness is valid for one year. If the intended project is not started within that time a new certificate must be obtained before proceeding.