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501 Main Street South
(Room 204)

Southbury, CT 06488
Maps and Directions
P:(203) 262-0674
Monday - Thursday:
8:00am - 4:30pm
Fri: 8:00am - 1:00pm

Property Tax Relief for Southbury Seniors and Totally Disabled

Update: If your income including Social Security is less than $56,400 for 2020, please contact the Assessor's Office to determine your eligibility for a tax credit. 

The town of Southbury has two programs which offer substantial property tax relief for qualifying seniors and totally disabled:

State-funded “Circuit Breaker” program: Provides property tax reductions of up to $1,250 for qualified homeowners. The qualifying income limits for the State program in 2020 is $45,800 for married couples and $37,600 for single individuals. 

Local-funded “Circuit Breaker Match” program: Provides additional property tax reduction from a minimum of $300 to a maximum of $1,875 to homeowners who are age 65 and older and the totally disabled. The qualifying income limit for the local program in 2020 is $56,400 for married couples and $45,800 for single individuals. 

  • In Southbury more than 20% of all senior households receive tax reductions through these programs.
  • Qualified homeowners receive lower property tax bills from the Town.
  • The enrollment period for homeowners begins Feb 1st and ends on May 15, 2021.

If you are a homeowner we encourage residents to complete BOTH State and Town Applications. Upon completion, return forms to the Assessor's Office at 501 Main Street South. 

If you are a renter, please contact the Senior Center at (203) 262-0651.