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3/8/2018 - Roads update as of 10am March 8, 2018

Here's an update from the Southbury Public Works regarding the roads.

As of 10:00 this morning:

  • Brown Brook Road going into Roxbury is closed with a Tree and Wires across the road. We put up a “Road Closed” sign on Brown Brook near the intersection with Turrill Brook Rd/
  • Brennan Road has a Tree with Wires in the middle of the road. Small car could get by.
  • Flood Bridge just over the bridge has a limb in wires over the road but is passable.
  • Gilbert has Wires down along the side of with limbs but is passable.
  • Flag Swamp going into Roxbury has Trees and Wires down but small cars have passed through.

There are other areas with wires still down in town but all other roads should be passable.