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Legal Notices

4/12/2022 - Inland Wetlands Commission: Actions Taken at Meeting on April 12, 2022

At their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 2022, the Southbury Inland Wetlands Commission took the following action:

APPROVED with conditions: Application #1680, 270 Krueger Circle, Condo #7, Heritage Village, Heritage Village Masters Association (applicant), for the removal of two dead trees and maintenance of encroaching briers, brambles and invasives into lawn areas.

APPROVED with conditions: Application #1681, Silver Beech Road (MBLU 42-18-15A), Jim Defilippis (applicant), for driveway pipe crossing of intermittent stream for single family house. Installation of 24” CPP pipe under driveway.

APPROVED with conditions: Application #1682, 19 Homestead Road, Steve Lanes (applicant), for removal of dead trees to the rear of the house with delineated wetlands area.

William Spencer, Chairman