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Legal Notices

7/14/2021 - Inland Wetlands Commission: Action Taken at Meeting on July 13, 2021

The Southbury Inland Wetlands Commission took the following actions at their meeting on July 13, 2021 in Room 205 of Southbury Town Hall,

Having considered the factors and circumstances set forth in Section 4 of the regulations and having reviewed all information and reports received by the commission regarding these applications the following applications were approved.

Application #1670 278 North Georges Hill Road; David and Sharon Attick, applicants, approval consists of adding approximately 6” of topsoil (screened) to allow planting for 3 to 5 trees e.g. Norway Spruce in soil type 45, with conditions.

Application #1671 1056 Georges Hill Road; Joseph and Joanne Lenzen, applicant; approval consists of redistributing and levelling soil from removed stumps, regrading terrain away from east side of home, finishing grading around carport pad, removal of two trees falling into the pond, carport, and mineral pool, with conditions.

Application #1672 267 Carriage Drive; David B. Sonnemann, applicant; approval consists of the removal of numerous trees within the wetlands area, with conditions.

CEASE AND DESIST for 1056 Georges Hill Road was lifted.

Bonnie Rado
Clerk Pro Tem

If anyone with a disability needs assistance to attend a meeting, please call 203-262-0624.