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Legal Notices

11/9/2017 - Zoning Board of Appeals: Actions Taken at Meeting on November 7, 2017

The Southbury Zoning Board of Appeals took the following actions at the November 7, 2017 meeting:

APPROVED – Application #07-17 Appeal overruling the decision of the Zoning Officer for a cease and desist based upon the pre-existing non-conforming use of six apartment units for property located at 205 Lakemere Drive, Zone R-20.

APPROVED – Application #10286 Calvary Church of Southbury/applicant and Mark & Patricia Zakrewski/owners for a Special Exception & Site Plan under Schedule A Part B (Line B-3.1) of the Zoning Regulations for a Religious Assembly Use for property located at 354 Kettletown Road, Zone R-60; subject to filing of the Special Exception on the land records.

Southbury Zoning Board of Appeals
Paul Sullivan, Chairman