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Water Pollution Control Authority

Commission Members

Steven D. Trinkaus Chairman
Kevin Brown Member
Edward Edelson Member
Mark Lancor Member
Rae Andres Van Egas Member

Mission/General Information

Membership: Five members plus three alternates appointed by the Board of Selectmen for rotating terms of two years. Meets monthly and takes field trips to appropriate sites as necessary.

Powers and Duties: Since Southbury has no municipal sewage system, the WPCA is responsible for ensuring that privately owned sewage systems are managed effectively and do not pollute Connecticut’s water supply. Non-municipal water companies monitored include Heritage Village Water Co., IBM and Kensington Green. Southbury Training School is state operated and not under the town’s jurisdiction. WPCA developed a comprehensive water pollution control plan for Southbury in 2004.

Qualifications: Knowledge or expertise in the engineering fields, as well as finance, accounting or construction are desirable.

This organization meets as needed. Please check calendar for current schedule.

Minutes and Agendas

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