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10/19/2022 - Sponsorship Opportunities for Commemoration of 85th Anniversary of When Southbury Said No to the Nazis

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Sponsorship Opportunities

The deadline for sponsorship has been extended to October 31, 2022.

sponsorship opportunities flyer

sponsorship opportunities flyer

In 2012, many businesses in Southbury contributed the funds to produce a documentary about the actions by the Town of Southbury in 1937 to stop a Nazi organization from building a camp in our town. The premiere of "Home of the Brave: When Southbury Said NO to the Nazis" was the talk of the town in November 2012. Over 1,500 people saw the movie in one week.

In the ensuing 10 years, the story has gained traction, going from almost complete obscurity to receiving national attention, including:

  • It is now a major display in the US Holocaust Memorial Museum
  • The papers of former Southbury Minister Lindsay are stored in the archives of the Museum along with his typewriter
  • There was a showing of the documentary at the US Capitol as well as Legislative Office Building in Hartford
  • A chapter in the authoritative book on the German American Bund (Swastika Nation: The Rise and Fall of Fritz Kuhn) was all about Southbury in 1937
  • An award-winning children's illustrated historical fiction book based on the Southbury story was the basis of a Connecticut Department of Education webinar on the use of the Southbury Story in the classroom.

In recognition of what has happened and what we have learned since 2012 (as well as the fact that thousands of new people have moved to Southbury since the premiere), a coalition of Southbury organizations has worked together to develop a weekend of activities to commemorate the 85th anniversary. This will be from Friday, November 11th to Sunday morning November 13th. For more information on the 3-day event and the historical events of 1937, visit:

We are preparing a high-quality program book for each registered participant and planning a commemorative dinner for the Saturday night. Funds raised beyond the cost of holding the event will be used either as seed money for future anniversary commemoration events or the start of a scholarship fund at the Southbury Historic Society (to be administered by the Connecticut Community Foundation).

We ask you to consider being a Sponsor of this inaugural, historic event. Click here for Sponsorship Opportunities.

Together, let’s keep history alive.

Kevin Bielmeier
Economic Development Director
(203) 262-0683

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