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6/12/2018 - FEMA Update

Last week, the town was notified that FEMA would be arriving in town on June 11th and again on the 13th. The town was informed that FEMA would be driving around surveying damage and reviewing paperwork, not meeting with homeowners. In the course of their day, they decided to knock on doors and if people were home, talk to them. In no way does the fact that homeowners were or were not home affect the process moving forward.

This pre-assessment review is a first step in order for the State to declare a disaster. If the State declares a disaster, it will then be presented to the President for his declaration.

In the event that the President does declare a disaster, FEMA representatives will meet with individual property owners to discuss the damages they incurred. Keep in mind that only uninsured damage to homes will be considered for reimbursement.

If the final declaration is made, homeowners, REGARDLESS of whether they filled out a damage assessment form, will be eligible to meet with representatives from FEMA.

The town will inform residents of dates and times to meet with FEMA should a disaster be declared, which might take several months.

As always, if anyone has questions or concerns, please call the Office of First Selectman at 203-262-0647.