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3/21/2018 - Southbury Strategic Planning Task Force Launches Community Assessment Survey

The Town of Southbury Strategic Planning Task Force is encouraging residents and business owners to participate in a survey with a focus on the town’s future. The 10-15 minute survey consists of questions in several areas including:

  • Reasons for living in Southbury;
  • Views on quality of life in Southbury;
  • Ratings of town services;
  • Community needs;
  • Input on community issues;
  • Importance of such attributes as open space, water protection and recreation;
  • And an open-end opportunity to express views.

John Monteleone, Chair of the Task Force said “The questions on the survey evolved from input and discussions the Task Force have received since April 2017from the following sources:

  • Community
    • StratPlanInfo Emails
    • Public Meeting Attendees
  • Task Force Members & Advisors – SWOT (Strengths/Weakness/Opportunities/Weaknesses) Analysis
  • Town Department Heads
  • Chairs of Boards & Commissions
  • Existing Town Plans including the Plan of Conservation & Development (POCD)
  • Town Special Studies”

The survey will remain open for input until April 20th, 2018 at 12:00pm. Three ways to complete the survey include:

  • Online: Visit website at
  • Paper Version: Call 802-882-8173 to receive your copy by mail.
  • Voice: Call 802-882-8173 to complete the survey by phone.

Mr. Monteleone additionally stated “The results of the survey may impact the upcoming Town Charter review and the next update of the Plan of Conservation and Development.”

Once the results of the survey are compiled, they will be presented at a meeting of the Strategic Planning Task Force at Town Hall, and accessible on the town website. The survey results will then be categorized by the task force in a final SWOT analysis which will serve as one data source for the foundation of the first Strategic Plan (the “Plan”) for Southbury since its incorporation in 1787.

If residents or business owners would like background information before completing the survey, the Task Force is directing survey respondents to Southbury’s website – Strategic Planning Task Force page – All meeting minutes, videos and PowerPoint presentations are also available for review on this dedicated webpage.

If you have questions for the Strategic Planning Task Force, you can send them via email to

The Strategic Planning process is required by the Town Charter. To carry out the process, the Strategic Planning Task Force was established by the Board of Selectmen and is comprised of residents, elected officials, town staff and volunteers committed to drafting a medium-term plan establishing measurable objectives and priorities for Southbury’s future.

Jennifer Naylor, Vice Chair of the Task Force and a member of the Board of Selectmen stated that “The Strategic Plan will be a living document setting out realistic guidance for the effective allocation of our resources and the future development and conservation of our community.”

The survey is conducted by The Center for Research & Public Policy, Inc. headquartered in Grantham, NH. The Center for Research & Public Policy is a full-service consulting firm specializing in market and social research and public opinion polling.