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6/16/2018 - The Fairy Doll and Les Sylphides

"Les Syphides is a short, "theme" ballet of mythological spirits and young poet who dance in moonlight. New to Main Street Ballet is “The Fairy Doll”; a one act reverie of full of fun, comedy and romance based on the E.T.A. Hoffman story “The Sandman”. Patrons of a toy shop are presented with a variety of dolls but become enchanted by the Fairy Doll. As the shop closes, the dolls come to life.


Event: The Fairy Doll and Les Sylphides
Event Date: 6/16/2018
Event Time: 2:00pm
Admission Fee: Children $12, Seniors/Students $20, Adults $25
Event Organizers: Main Street Ballet | | 203-263-5107
Event Location: Pomperaug HS, 234 Judd Rd, Southbury