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4/18/2017 - Public Information Meeting Concerning Bridge on East Flat Hill Road on April 26, 2017

The purpose of this project is to replace Bridge No. 05031, which is structurally deficient.

Bridge No. 05031 carries East Flat Hill Road over Transylvania Brook. The structure, built in 1975, consists of twin asphalt coated corrugated metal plate pipe arches, with a span of approximately 14’-10” and rise of 9’-1”. The total structure length is 35 feet and the curb-to-curb roadway width is 24 feet.

The proposed replacement structure consists of precast concrete deck units supported on integral abutments founded on piles. The clear span length of the proposed bridge will be approximately 42 feet. The curb to-curb width will be 25 feet, consisting of one 12.5-foot travel way in each direction. The proposed structure will have a concrete formliner for aesthetics and utilize open metal bridge rail along the span.

Construction will be performed utilizing a 10-week detour. The detour will utilize State and Local roads and the detour route length is approximately 1.6 miles.

Construction is anticipated to commence in 2019 based on the availability of funding and receipt of required environmental permits. The estimated construction cost is approximately $1,525,000 and will be funded with 80% Federal aid and 20% from Municipal funds.