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12/26/2016 - Southbury Public Works Department Reminds Residents of Winter Polices and Ordinances

MEDIA RELEASE: December 12, 2016, Southbury, CT

Southbury Public Works Department Reminds Residents of Winter Polices and Ordinances

With the onset of winter, the Southbury Department of Public Works would like to provide a reminder of policies and ordinances:

  1. Vehicles should not be parked in the street during snow and ice events. When vehicles are parked in the roadway, it makes it difficult for the snowplows to maneuver around them. This results in snow and ice being left behind which may become a hazard.
  2. Plowing or blowing snow into the roadway creates a safety hazard and violators can be fined. Property owners can be held liable for the actions of their contractors.
  3. The owner or occupant of any premises that has a sidewalk or fire hydrant on or in front of their property is responsible for clearing the sidewalk or hydrant within 24 hours after the precipitation ends.
  4. Please caution children not to play in the streets or in or around snow banks as this is very dangerous. The force of the discharge of the snow coming off the plow could injure children or cause them to become trapped in a snowbank.
  5. The town is not responsible for damage caused to objects placed within the town right of way, i.e. garbage cans, plantings, etc. Roadside basketball hoops are not allowed in the town right of way.
  6. Mailboxes struck directly by a Town plow or truck will be replaced by the town as soon as appropriate. Mailboxes damaged by snow or ice being discharged from the plow will not be considered for replacement. Please refer to the town’s website for the mailbox replacement policy.
  7. The town no longer has the salt/sand mixture to offer residents. The town has transitioned to the use of treated salt over the past few years as its primary material for deicing and is no longer purchasing large amounts of sand. As such, the salt/sand mixture is no longer available.
  8. Drivers are urged to slow down during winter storms and give snow plows plenty of room to operate. Please don’t crowd the plow.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Public Works Department at 203-262-0622. With everyone’s cooperation, patience and assistance, we will be able to safely and efficiently handle this year’s onslaught of snow and ice. Have a happy and healthy winter season.


Contact: John Cottell
Director of Southbury Public Works
(203) 262-0622