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7/1/2016 - Important Notice About Your Motor Vehicle Tax Bills

CT DMV and municipalities across the state are working to resolve some inconsistencies among residents’ mailing addresses and domicile (town in which vehicle is garaged) addresses.

If you have received a tax bill from a town that you did not reside in or garage your vehicle in as of October 1, 2015, contact the tax assessor of the town who sent the bill to request a transfer to the correct town/city of residency as of October 1, 2015.

Working together to correct these discrepancies will help to eliminate or at least decrease the wait time at the DMV offices.

If your registration is due to expire within 60 days (or has already expired) and you have not received a renewal notification you must contact the DMV. If you are being reported with a tax (or other) compliance in a town you never lived in, you should contact the town reporting the compliance.

Check out the DMV web site at for renewing a registration, cancelling plates, verifying your renewal status after payment of delinquent taxes and much more.