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6/10/2016 - Road Repairs: Crack-Sealing

The Town of Southbury is scheduled to conduct crack-sealing on the following roads; Heritage Road, New Wheeler Road, North Poverty Road, Country Woods Lane, Community House Road, Pepper Tree Hill Road, Painter Road, Fox Run Road, Watch Hill Road, Overton Farms Road, Silver Beech Road, Tallwood Road, Holly Hill Road, South Georges Hill Road, Luna Trail Ext., Laurelwood Lane, and High Meadow Road.

The work is scheduled to begin on June 13 and will continue for approximately two weeks. Some dusty conditions can be anticipated for a couple of days while the sealing material cures and prior to road sweeping when the process is completed.

As a result of a new road assessment and rating program that was initiated several years ago, the Road Study Committee, working with Public Works and the Road Foreman has instituted a more diverse approach to maintaining and increasing the longevity of roads. This crack-seal treatment is one method to preserve the riding surface of roads that are still in relatively good structural condition.

Please anticipate some minor traffic delays. There may be one-lane traffic at times. The road will remain open for mail delivery, emergency vehicles, and local traffic. No street parking will be allowed during the application. Thank you for you for your patience during this project.