Boards & Commissions

Blight Solutions Committee  John Geheran  Chairman
Board of Assessment Appeals  Dennis Dwyer  Chairman
Board of Education  Patricia Perry  Chairman
Board Of Finance  John Michaels  Chairman
Board of Selectmen  Ed Edelson  First Selectman
Charter Revision Commission 2013  Ronald Pugliese  Chairman
Commission on Services for the Elderly  Janice Creighton/Ruth Harney  Co-Chairs
Conservation Commission  Edward Nagy  Chairman
Economic Development Commission  Anne Armeno  Chairman
Emergency Medical Services Committee  Geralyn Hoyt  Chairman
Energy Task Force  Paul Zagozewski  Chairman
Ethics Commission  Joseph Ruggiero  Chairman
Film Commission  Anne Armeno  Chairman
Historic Buildings Commission  Paul Lasewicz  Chairman
Historic District Commission  Benjamin Stiles  Chairman
Historic Tree Restoration Committee  Thomas J. Gaipa  Chairman
Investment Portfolio Oversight Committee  Thomas J. Connor  Chairman
Inland Wetlands Commission  Scott Martin  Chairman
IT Steering Committee  John Kelbley  Chairman
Lake Lillinonah Authority  Brian Boodry  Chairman
Lake Zoar Authority  Ray Hoesten  Chairman
Library Basement Usage Task Force  John Monteleone  Chairman
Library Board  Shirley Michaels  Chairman
Local Emergency Planning Committee  Barry Rickert  Chairman
Parks and Recreation Commission  Larry R. Ernst  Chairman
Planning Commission  Ed Gore  Chairman
Road Study Committee  Thomas Crowe  Acting Chairman
Rural Preservation Advisory Committee  Edward Platt  Chairman
South Britain Historic District  Ed Davis  Chairman
Southbury Animal Shelter Task Force    Dr. Kristen Kenzora/Jo Ann Newberry  Co-Chairs
Southbury Celebration Committee    Brian Jones/Carole Van Tassel  Co-Chairs
Water Pollution Control Authority  Steve Trinkaus  Chairman
Zoning Board of Appeals  Lemuel Johnson, Jr.  Chairman
Zoning Commission  Gary Giroux  Chairman