Using Southbury’s Online Tax System

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Pay/View Taxes


Step 1

Click on "I agree" on the disclaimer. 

Step 2

Select only one search criteria. Best results are from using Name search criteria.

Enter last name first/space/first name initial.  If in business name, enter complete company name.   

Click on search.   


Step 3

When search criteria data fields appear, scroll down to your data.

To review each bill individually, click on the Bill No.


Step 4

Scroll down to see complete data for selected bill.

Click printer icon at top of screen, if a printed copy is desired.

Click on back arrow at top of screen to return to your retrieved data.

To view and/or print other bills, repeat above instructions.




 Note:  If inquiring on vehicles that are leased, you must call the Tax Office at 203.262.0654 and have your license plate number available or call your leasing company.   
Step 5

 To Pay a Tax Bill

Return to the screen shown in step 3.

Click the Green Arrow next to one of your bills, then follow the screen instructions.


   To get started: