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Southbury Film Commission


11/3/2016: Takahiko Katayama - Production Coordinator, Zazou Productions
Joel, Thank you very much for all your help. I don't think we could've gotten amazing locations we have without your help.
11/9/2016: Kenji Hayasaki - Location Coordinator, World's Astonishing News
We came back to NYC late yesterday - and wrapping up all the files now, reflecting how great shooting in Southbury was. You guys are most welcoming, cooperative, and considerate people I've worked with, and hope this will happen again in near future.
11/21/2016: Kotaro Suyama - Zazou Productions
Joel, Thank you so much for your kindness and great help. Without that, we couldn't have finished this filming. We felt very welcomed in the town entire our stay (sic). We'd love to come back and film in Southbury again soon!
12/19/2016: John Mele - Associate Producer, Vanity Fair Confidential
I just wanted to say thanks for letting us shoot in Southbury this weekend. The church and the daycare locations are going to be fantastic additions to the episode.
2/12/2017: Cathy Walsh Kieros - Owner, Southbury Baking Company
Thanks to the EDC and SFC. It's been a pleasure working with you!
2/13/2017: Greg White - Producer/Director, Black Wake
Fran, Thank You for everything, it ran very smooth. The pleasure was mine.
2/13/2017: Dan Bedard, Bedard & Company, PC Certified Public Accountants
Fran, thank you for your efforts, it was a fun day.
2/13/2017: Phil Skippy Adams - Special Effect Makeup Artist
I had an absolute blast working with Cathy and the SFC today- both were extremely helpful and accommodating!
2/13/2017: Jeremiah Kipp - Director, Black Wake
Thank you for everything.
2/13/2017: Dan Bedard, Bedard & Company, PC Certified Public Accountants
We feel providing access to filming locations in the town of Southbury provides great exposure to the town and is an economic boost for local businesses.