Absentee Ballots

Information and application forms for an Election and Primary.
Information and application forms for a Referendum.

Elections and Primaries:

An absentee ballot may be applied for by any qualified registered voter unable to vote due to the following reasons:

  • Illness or physical disability.
  • Absence from town during all election hours.
  • Religious beliefs forbidding secular activity on election day.
  • Serving as an election official at a polling place other than your own.
  • Active service in the Armed Forces.

This application for absentee ballot may be downloaded by an individual for:

  1. the individual's own use;
  2. the use of a member of an individual's family; or
  3. the use of a designee of the applicant.

Any person who will distribute five (5) or more absentee ballot applications to persons other than the individual's immediate family must register and obtain forms from the Town Clerk of the municipality where such forms will be distributed before distributing such forms.

Absentee Ballot Application

The application may be faxed to the town clerk's office at (203) 264-9762, but the original signed application must be sent by mail in order for the ballot to be counted.

Ballots will be sent out when the faxed application is received, but it cannot be counted if the original signed application has not been received.

Please mail completed application to:

Town Clerk's Office
501 Main Street South
Southbury, CT  06488


Registered electors of the Town of Southbury or United States Citizens, who are eighteen years or older, and own taxable property assessed at $1,000.00 or more on the October 1st Grand List, can vote in this referendum.  Ballots cannot be mailed for a referendum that is to be held with less than three weeks notice. 

Please remember that obtaining an absentee ballot is a two step process; first, you must complete an application and it must be verified by the office of the Town Clerk, and second, an absentee ballot will then be issued.  Absentee ballots must be given to the applicant in person or to the applicant's designee.  Ballots must be returned to the office of the Town of Southbury Town Clerk before the close of the polls, 8:00PM on the day of the election.

Referendum Absentee Ballot Application